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Verdun Zocalo poets.

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ZP_Hojas de otoño_Toronto_Octubre de 2013

Alicia Claudia González Maveroff


And now that I’m going, now that I depart,
now that autumn will be my spring;
yes, now that I’m going, I know that for always

I will carry within me

this river, and this autumn red

in the pupil of my eye.
Well, now that I go, knowing that
tomorrow I journey through another river,

perhaps seeking that “bonanza” of calm

that rivers just don’t have because

they “walk fast – and keep moving…”;

in my soul the memory remains –

of the river, road, bridge;
those autumn colours – red, yellow –
painted among the trees.

had already loved before, long before,

many landscapes, blue skies, other trees…

But – here today –

I loved this river, this bridge and this road;

these trees – red and yellow –

painted by autumn.


(Toronto, Canada, 21-10-2011)

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“What is essential is invisible to the eye.”